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Intensive Retreat

in India from 19 - 28 October 2023

The intensive groups were created on request as a continuation of the three-year further education groups and consist of long-term students of Dr. Shrikrishna.

The retreats of this group are entirely dedicated to intensive practice and to the experiences that result from it.

Such a retreat takes place in complete silence. Questions can be asked in writing during the seminar. On the last day there will be the possibility of a direct verbal exchange.

If you want to take part in an intensive group by arrangement, you should have sufficient previous experience with the practice imparted by Shrikrishna.

Start: 19.10.2023
End: 28.10.2023
Timetable: Follows
Place: India, exact location to be announced
Arrival: To be announced
Language: English
The audio recordings are made available to the course participants free of charge.

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For more information on the nature of a seminar, see General information.

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