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  Pranayama and Meditation Pranayama & Meditation   with Dr. Shrikrishna  
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Retreat, open to everyone:

Pranayama and meditation as a gateway to transcendence

Silent Retreat at Rosenwaldhof from 25 June - 1 July 2023

Are you a yoga practitioner interested in deepening your practice and experience with the essence of yoga philosophy? Would you like to transcend in silence spaces of consciousness - accompanied by a living master who guides you mindfully, and safely to allow your journey to access new dimensions of experience?

Do you teach yoga and are looking for new inspiration? Would you like to understand connections between concepts, methods and experiences more deeply and be able to convey them more intensively? Would you like to refine your presence as a yoga teacher?

Would you like to let more mindfulness enter your life, more love in your relationships and more gratitude towards the feeling of being alive?

Shrikrishna B. Tengshe uniquely combines profound philosophy with inner experience, the reflection of wisdom in silence with everyday experiences.

The retreat includes lectures and reflections as well as extensive practical sessions in pranayama, meditation and mantra recitation.

It takes place in partial silence.

Questions can be asked in writing during the seminar. On the last day there will be the possibility of a direct verbal exchange.

The complete withdrawal from everyday life is highly recommended during this period in order to be able to reflect and experience deeply. Even under online conditions, staying in a quiet retreat has proven its worth.

The Rosenwaldhof was founded for the work of Shrikrishna and is ideally suited for this. You can stay undisturbed in the silence, enjoy the surrounding nature with its forests and lakes and we will take care of you with delicious organic vegetarian dishes.

This retreat offer is open to all interested parties and provides not only yoga teachers and practitioners the opportunity to a very special experience. Even after just one week of retreat, the effects have proven to last often well beyond this time and equip participants with skills for coping with crises and difficulties in everyday life and improving the attitude towards life and one's own existence.

Start: 25.06.2023, 3:15 p.m.
Ende: 01.07.2023, 1:00 p.m.
Timetable: Will follow
Location: Rosenwaldhof (Bergstraße 2 - 14550 Groß Kreutz (Havel) - OT Götzer Berge)
and externally online by stream via Zoom
Arrival: from 1 p.m., pick-up from Götz station possible for a fee at 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.
Fee: 420,- Euro (reduction on request)
plus costs for overnight stay and board at Rosenwaldhof
Language: English (maybe with German translation)
The audio recordings are made available to the course participants free of charge.

Unfortunately, Dr. Shrikrishna is not able to be in Germany for this seminar. Therefore, everything will be transmitted live via zoom. However, in order to create a retreat atmosphere, the seminar will take place at the Rosenwaldhof. There is a very quiet projector with a large screen and the technology will be carefully looked after throughout.

For more information on the nature of a seminar, see General information.
Information about the house under "locations" and on the website of the Rosenwaldhof:

Registration and contact: click here

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