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  Pranayama and MeditationPranayama & Meditation  with Dr. Shrikrishna  
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The place for our Mallorca retreat is a calm monastery which is situated on a mountain plateau in the north of the city of Llucmajor. The meditation practice in hermitages has been cultivated over the centuries on that mountain. The Saint Ramón Llull was meditating there from 1273 on for many years. The monastery nowadays is placed in a nature reserve area and it is closed for travelling tourists. It rose from a hermitage which had been founded there by the noble knight Arnau Desbrull und Mateo Catlar around 1270. Their meditation place can still be found there today. The first chapel was established in the year 1397, it was replaced anno 1661 by a new church which is the one that is still existing today. Today there are living and practising monks in the monastery, their heartiness made us feel very welcome from our first visit. The courtyard is decorated with flowers and you have a vast view over the island, way to the seashore.

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