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Pranayama and meditation as a gateway to transcendence

Monastery Retreat from 15 - 21 June 2022 in Mallorca

Would you like to experience the essence of yoga, combine it with a deep understanding of yoga philosophy? Would you like to transcend familiar spaces of consciousness in silence - accompanied by a living master who guides you mindfully and lets you glide carefully and safely into new dimensions of experience?

You teach yoga and are looking for new inspiration, want to understand connections more deeply and be able to convey them more intensively, refine your presence as a yoga teacher?

Would you like to live your life more meaningfully and mindfully, shape your relationships more lovingly, gratefully feel the mystery of being there?

Dr. Shrikrishna B. Tengshe uniquely combines profound knowledge with inner experience, the reflection of wisdom in silence with everyday experiences.

The retreat takes place in partial silence and includes lectures and reflections as well as extended practice sections for pranayama, meditation and mantra recitation.

Questions can be asked in writing during the course of the seminar. On the last day of the retreat there will be a round table discussion and the opportunity for direct oral exchange.

Complete withdrawal from everyday life is highly recommended during this period in order to be able to reflect and experience deeply.

For many years we have been fortunate to be able to travel to a very special spiritual place - a mountain monastery on Mallorca with practising monks who warmly welcome and care for us. This place is secluded from tourist crowds on a mountain that is considered a place of power and where people have been praying and meditating for centuries.

We will meet on site ( and will be happy to help you organise your arrival and departure.

This retreat offer is open to all interested people and is not only for yoga teachers and practitioners a chance for very special experiences. The resulting insights have often had lasting effects on overcoming crises and difficulties, on shaping everyday life and on one's attitude to life after just one week's retreat.

Start: 15.06.2022, 7:00 p.m.
End: 21.06.2022, 10:00 a.m.
Location: Ermita de Sant Honorat (Carretera, Ma-5018, Km. 2, 3, 07629 Randa, Mallorca, Spain) & externally online by Stream via Zoom
Fee: 590,- Euro (reduction no problem)
Accommodation: 390,- Euro for accommodation and meals
This fee is waived for online participation from home.
Language: English
Audio recordings are then made available to the course participants free of charge.

Unfortunately, Dr. Shrikrishna is not able to be on site in Mallorca for this seminar. Therefore, everything will be transmitted live via zoom. However, in order to create a retreat atmosphere, the seminar will take place in the monastery on Mallorca. There is a quiet projector with a screen and the technology is supervised with care throughout.

For more information on the nature of a seminar, see General information.
Information about the house under "locations".

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