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"Pranayama means: Dance with your breath. You don't dance with a stranger.
You have to be one to dance. Breath is my most intimate friend;
I don't want to control my breath.

And in the same way:
We do not maintain the silence - we observe the silence."

"Yoga is not about teaching you how to stand on your head,
but rather how to stand on your own feet."

"Knowing what to do is important.
But to really do what you know -
that is the real important thing."

"There is divine presence which is within us. And 'divine' means that which is a light by itself. Supposed if you are completely atheist and you don't believe in a god as some kind of an anthropomorphic outer agency, at least within you there is that which is not confined by time and space, which is a light by itself. There is something which is within us, which is not only our personality, our I - there is something much more to us than our I. But as long as our operation of the mind is entangled only in the processes concerning the personality and the I, there is no chance for us to experience the presence of that which is immense and vast within us. So it means that my mind or my mental opreations have to get disentangled from this way of functioning.

So, having the inner silence seems to be a kind of a prerequisite, so that that inner nature can manifest. But this silence does not mean that you close your eyes, close yourself from outside and remain confined into a small place. Rather it is a state where we are connected with everything, but in the process we are not converting everything into a kind of cause for our misery, or turmoil, or disturbance. So the focus should be: How to have that kind of a silence? Where I am engaged in all activities. Even outwardly I might be talking - it possible to be silent while talking? That's what we have to find out.

Don't say it is impossible. Remember, there are four different questions and four different answers to them and they should never be mixed up: Is it possible or impossible? - It is possible. Otherwise it is a waste of time, your time, my time. It is possible. So don't mix up with the answer of the second question: Is it easy or difficult? - Damn difficult ...but not impossible! Because quite often our mind just plays a trick and tries to mix up. That which is difficult becomes impossible for us.

So even if it is difficult: Is it really worthwhile? Why we have to give so much time, energy, money, everything? It is worthwhile. Because we have been born as a human being and we should reach our full potential as a human being. The way we are living now is a very partial way of living, it is not a total way of living.

And then the last question comes: If it is worthwhile and even if it is difficult: Is it very complicated? No. It is very simple. It is not at all complicated, you don't have to go through all the complicated things. If you can understand the happiness which comes to a child's mind after eating the chocolate - you get it. It is not very complicated, it is very simple. And in every moment of our life as we pass through the pathway, the life is just inviting us to experience it in totality.

Quite often we confine this life, saying 'it is my life', closing it only within myself. But there is a mighty flow of life all around us - but we don't have the eyes, we close them. And when you start opening yourself then everything happening around you starts vibrating within you. And you start resonating like a wonderful cosmic music. You then refuse to remain confined. That's why it is very simple. But it requires a great determination, great energy, and a great clarity that really: 'I want it in my life'."

Extract of a recording, September 18 2006.

"Awareness is the Alpha and the Omega of the whole Yoga. Watch your habit patterns.
If you are not aware of your present, then your future will be nothing else
than a repetition of the past."

"Remember these words by Nisargadatta Maharaj:
When I realize I am nothing - that is wisdom
When I realize I am everything - that is love
And between the two my life flows."
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